Enabling Africa is an organisation positioned to provide basic resource solutions of clean drinking water and solar energy to power life, to all in Africa who richly deserve it. The solutions will ensure the current generation feels a greater sense of human dignity and the next generation to have an improved quality of life.

Enabling Africa is committed to the delivery of these resources to the people of Africa through a partnership of organisations who are proud to live up to the challenge of such delivery. Enabling Africa understands the challenge in that there are more than 500 million Africans without access to these basic resources.


Enabling Africa has a number of top Executives from the IT, Technology, Electronics, Lighting, Health and Water industries bringing together business expertise to drive water purification and solar energy solutions across Africa at an industrial, urban and rural level. This expertise has been bonded together in the simple philosophy to change lives and improve the quality of life for the people of Africa and beyond. This expertise is also being applied to support emerging enterprises develop themselves at the strategic, tactical and operational level to be able to grow at a pace dictated by the environment in which they operate.

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